At Warwick Publishing, employees are never one thing. They instead, wear many hats. I have had the great privilege of wearing a number of them. I have been an Art Director, Supervisor, Mentor, Trainer, Marketer, Typesetter, Pressman, Pre-Pressman, and of course, Graphic Designer, my actual title.

As Lead Designer, I have had the wonderful opportunity to design nearly all samples, redesign old products, conceptualize and produce new products, design distributor flyers, and the full responsibility of designing and producing our two catalogs each year since I began in 2017.

Below you will see a small selection of my work throughout the years.

Distributor Flyer Collection

American Pride Promotional Flyer
Endometriosis Promotional Flyer
Distillery Bottle Hanger Promotional Flyer
Last Chance Holiday Card Flyer
Halo Value Stick Flyer
Vernon Pillow Pack Flyer

Product Ideation & Developement

Custom Tincture Box - ReLeaf
Custom Cut Happy Birthday Card
Custom Bottle Hanging Brochure - InivHealth
Custom Bottle Necker _Whiskey Winds
Custom Cut Thank You Card
Custom Gummy Tuck Box - Rooted

Graphic Design

Sample Trifold Reminder
Sample Folder Design
Sample Flip Pad Design
Sample Circle Wave Design
Anchores Away Table Tent
Sample Card Holder

Greeting Card Collection

Comfort & Joy Foil Stamped Greeting Card
Twilight Sympathy Foil Stamped Greeting Card
Happy Birthday Chevron Greeting Card
Give Thanks Greeting Card
Make A Wish Birthday Card
Bee Welcome Greeting Card

To see the full collection of our designed greeting cards click here